Kevyn’s free-wheeling partner, Matt Saracusa (John Reynolds), has a looser moral code, making him just slightly more likely to eat people. A season 2 addition, this mustachioed detective stalks Shauna’s teenage daughter, Callie (Sarah Desjardins), in hopes of uncovering information about her mother’s connection to Adam Martin. After eyeing the high school student from his seat at the bar, Matt encourages Callie’s flirtations; the two begin seeing each in secret. As they grow closer, he plays with the teenager’s heart, insisting that he likes her but that wants to take things slowly, all while subtly pumping her for information about her mom.

Despite this creepy behavior, Matt makes sure to keep his actions (mostly) above board. He texts Callie, takes her out on dates, and buys her alcohol, but refrains from any kind of physical interaction that could put him in legal jeopardy (remember, Callie is a minor). Acutely aware of where the lines for acceptable conduct lie, Matt strives to keep his record clean. He pushes the boundaries but he never breaks them, and would likely avoid cannibalism out of the fear that it would cost him his job. However, were he assured there would be no legal repercussions for eating a human, this reckless cop wouldn’t hesitate to dig in.