Leaving a dog at home by themselves can be difficult for owners, but these French bulldog owners were amazed by what their pup was up to when they checked the pet camera.

The Frenchie, Olive Cheese, nicknamed Ollie, was left alone for two hours while her owners attended a wedding, so they decided to check the pet camera system to make sure she was alright. Much to their amazement, Ollie had found a spot in the sun directly in front of the camera.

Laying in the sun wasn’t quite enough for the sun lover though, so she sat upright like a human to make the most of the heat. Ollie has become a viral sensation since the video was posted by owners @sanderslosangeles on April 17, as it has already generated over 1.1 million views and 189,000 likes.

Ollie’s owner, Kenny Sanders, told Newsweek that he and his wife Crystal assumed she would be sleeping when they checked the camera, but the Frenchie’s hilarious nature often catches them by surprise.

French Bulldog sunbathing home alone
Ollie the French bulldog sunbathing. Kenny Sanders was amazed to see what his dog was up to while she was alone.

Many dogs love basking in the sun and feeling the heat on their fur, but just like their human counterparts, there are risks of too much sun.

Dogs can experience dehydration and sunburn, which is painful and dangerous. Hairless dogs or those with light pigmentation are more at risk of burning, so it’s important for owners to be aware and prevent these risks. The American Kennel Club suggests using a dog sunscreen on the areas likely to burn, including their nose, ears and undercarriage.

Sanders, from Los Angeles, explained that Ollie will often sit upright like she did in the viral video when she’s begging for food. Seeing her look so content in the sun certainly gave the couple a laugh while they enjoyed the wedding celebrations.

“We were at our friend’s wedding and we felt so bad for leaving Ollie home alone for a few hours,” Sanders said. “We decided to check on her with our dog cam, and Crystal started recording because she looked cute in the sunlight.

“Right when the music started playing, she sat up. We were laughing as to why she was sitting up by herself at home. She constantly does things out of nowhere which are hilarious.

“Normally she sits up like that when she’s begging for food, so maybe she was thinking we’d come home faster.”

Sanders admitted that seeing her by herself on the camera led the couple to leave the wedding shortly after, as they couldn’t bear leaving her alone for too long.

Social media has loved the now viral video, which was captioned: “When you’re at a wedding and you check on your dog at home alone on the dog cam.” With over 1,200 comments on the video already, many users have jokingly written what they think is going through Ollie’s mind at the time.

One person commented: “Dear diary, it’s been eleven million days since my human left me. The sun is my only friend now.”

Another comment reads: “She is recharging in the sunlight, so cute!”

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