Home News Toronto mayor John Tory resigns after admitting to affair with staffer

Toronto mayor John Tory resigns after admitting to affair with staffer


The mayor of Canada’s most populous city, Toronto, has resigned after admitting to an affair with a former member of staff.

John Tory, 68, told a news conference late Friday that the relationship, which he described as “a serious error in judgment on my part,” had begun during the pandemic.

The unnamed woman left for another job outside of City Hall during the relationship, he said, while the affair was ended “by mutual consent” earlier this year.

“It came at a time when Barb, my wife of 40-plus years, and I were enduring many lengthy periods apart while I carried out my responsibilities during the pandemic,” Tory said after news of the relationship was first reported by the Toronto Star newspaper.

“I am deeply sorry and apologize unreservedly to the people of Toronto and to all those hurt by my actions including my staff, my colleagues and the public service,” he continued. “Most of all, I apologize to my wife Barb and my family, whom I have let down more than anyone else.”

Tory pledged to work with city staff to achieve “an orderly transition.” His announcement comes just days before the council was due to hold meetings on proposed operating and capital budgets for the city.

According to the Toronto Star, the former member of staff is 31 years old, and critics were quick to condemn the relationship.

“Tonight I fully agree that he should resign,” tweeted Kristyn Wong-Tam, a local politician from the opposition New Democratic Party. “His is not a simple, one-time lapse of judgment. Tory was her boss and this is an abuse of power.”

A lawyer by training, Tory recently won a third term as mayor. He had held the post since 2014, when he succeeded Rob Ford.

Ford was described by Canadian press as “the world’s most infamous mayor” during his four years in office, having been caught on tape smoking crack cocaine and arrested several times for drunken driving or menacing behavior while under influence. He died of cancer two years later.