It looks like Tinx and Sansho Scott are scrolling on.

The TikToker, a.k.a. Christina Najjar, confirmed in a March 1 video that she and the photographer have broken up.

“I don’t have a boyfriend anymore‚Ķ” she stated in the “life update” clip. “I have‚Ķdepression.”

The content creator then noted in the comments she’s “coping w humor” and by spending time with friends and family in London, where she grew up.

“Being in London with my best friend was exactly what I needed because I am going through a breakup right now,” she said in a separate video. “So, I just wanted to be with my friends and my mom at home.”

And it appears there’s no bad blood between Tinx and Sansho. 

“Nothing but gratitude and love for him and the time we spent together,” she wrote when asked about her relationship status in a since-expired Instagram Stories post, according to a screenshot reshared online. “Won’t be saying anything else about it hope u guys understand x.”

Per the screenshot, Sansho echoed her sentiment by resharing her post and writing, “For those in my DMs: pls see above. Nothing but love and respect for each other! Hope everybody is doing well!!”