Team KenRo has been on a rampage during their interim rule of their father’s empire. Roman (Kieran Culkin) has fired half of the women executives and compromised a presidential election, while Kendall (Jeremy Strong) has pulled a full-on Elizabeth Holmes and converted Waystar’s version of Disney apartments into a promise of eternal life.

Matsson has tried to get Shiv to put a spoke in the wheel every time her brothers take a big swing — and each time she has failed to put a stop to it. He trusted Shiv not to let them break his toy ship, and she totally blew it. Maybe Matsson was starting to realize that Shiv couldn’t do him any good from the inside and that it was better to have the optics of her support than to have the support itself.

It’s unclear how long Shiv planned to keep this secret from Tom or her brothers, though. She’d been sloppy by selling Matsson up to half the country’s political leaders and pulling her old fling in on a deal — not to mention her and Matsson’s heavily implied sexual affair. Now that she’s alienated everyone, she has no one to turn to but Matsson.

Even though Shiv is out of options, she’s still going to find a secret third way to throw herself into the mix. If Kendall’s early attempts to push Shiv out of the company taught us anything, it’s that hell hath no fury like Shivy scorned.