When CBS All Access (later Paramount+) launched in 2017, it dove headlong into “Star Trek” in a big way. A huge spate of Trek shows is currently operating on the network, each one taking place in a different place on the vast “Star Trek” timeline. “Star Trek: Discovery” took place a few years prior to the original series, “Star Trek: Lower Decks” took place shortly after the events of “Star Trek: Voyager,” and the new season of “Picard” is set about 20 years thereafter. This time-spanning approach has allowed the various Trek showrunners to dig into every last chapter of Trek history for nostalgia, callbacks, and guest appearances. Shows like “Picard” have included any number of Trek actors returning to roles they abandoned years before. 

Speleers seems to know that “Star Trek” is a long-game career choice, and that he could very well be playing Jack Crusher for decades. This is a fate he is perfectly fine with. He said: 

“[Jack] just resonated with me. I joked to someone the other day: I was like, ‘I just want to play Jack Crusher for the next 15 years and then retire.’ I feel like there’s so much storytelling to do with him.”

Even if “Star Trek: Legacy” is not made, there’s every reason Jack — or a descendant played by Speleers — could show up on any number of other Trek shows. 

Speleers also feels that Jack is too complicated a character to merely leave “mature.” Like all of us aging coots, he didn’t merely grow to a certain point and then stop. The character, one might find, is still young enough that further growth is required. Speleers wanted to continue his exploration.