We hope these athletes are good at catching, because their partners have fallen in love.

While Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate love, many wives and girlfriends of sports’ greatest athletes have relationships filled with wins all year long. 

For Kourtney Turner, she found the best cheerleader in her husband, Boston Red Sox infielder Justin Turner, as they go through life together. And if you think they are all about baseball, uh, take another swing. 

“He is always busy with his season, our Justin Turner Foundation and everything in between, but he always manages to remember to take time to celebrate all of our moments,” she exclusively told E! News. “Our anniversary, the completion of a big event we have been planning and even our dogs’ birthdays—he will celebrate it. He is so supportive of everything I do and makes me feel like I can reach all of my goals.”

Those were the sorts of assists that many ladies mentioned when they were asked to reveal what they admire most about their sporty partner.