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Yuri Molchan

The native token of the PawSwap dex that intends to integrate with Shibarium has been listed by yet another exchange but deposits and withdrawals suddenly got suspended

According to a tweet published several hours ago, PawSwap’s native token meme token PAW scored a listing with a SuperEx crypto exchange. It is positioned as the first crypto trading platform on Web 3.0.

PAW gets suspended after new listing

PAW token was launched on February 6 and over the past few weeks, has seen around ten listings. Several of them were made by major exchanges, such as LBank,, etc. The price of the meme token demonstrated astonishing jumps as PAW was added to the trading lists of those numerous exchanges. This week, Bitmart is also going to list the meme token.

Currently, as SuperEx added support for it as well, the price of PAW has begun to gradually rise after a significant decline, according to data provided by CoinMarketCap.

Less than an hour ago, the exchange suddenly announced that it had to temporarily suspend deposits and withdrawals of the PAW token. The reason mentioned in the blog post is the maintenance of the wallet. Users will be notified as soon as it is over and deposits and withdrawals resume.

PawSwap to begin testing on Shibarium beta

According to a recent tweet from PAW admin on Discord, Ryboshi Nakamura, the dev team of the PawSwap is waiting for Shibarium to launch in order to transition the test version of their dex on it and begin the integration with the layer-2 Shiba Inu network.

Ryboshi mentioned that SHIB, PAW, and BONE and their communities will all benefit from the integration. Bone ShibaSwap token will be used as gas on Shibarium and it is expected to soar in price as soon as the layer-2 blockchain gets launched.

PawSwap is going to be a multi-chain dex. It has the Ethereum chain connected and now the developers are busy adding support for the Binance Smart Chain to it.

PAWBURN coming next week

On March 5, the official account of PawBurn on Twitter announced that next week it plans to launch PAWBURN. The initial supply of PAW is one quadrillion, similarly to Shiba Inu, and sending tokens to dead wallets, i.e. locking them for good, allows greatly reducing the circulating supply of crypto. In theory, as soon as the majority of tokens have been destroyed, the price should demonstrate a high jump.

The Shiba Inu community has been burning SHIB since late 2021, while the coin emerged in August 2020. By now, over half of the supply has been locked in unspendable wallets. Especially, SHIB burns have accelerated during the past 24 hours, as 2 billion Shiba Inu have been destroyed. The reason is that the launch of the aforementioned layer-2 Shibarium was announced to happen this week.

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