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Yuri Molchan

Shiba Inu’s high-ranking metaverse creator was spotted in talks with Paramount futurist Schilowitz


  • Here’s why this meeting might be important
  • Shibarium beta may take just a few months

The head of Shiba Inu developers, pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama, has drawn the attention of the vast SHIB army to the fact that Marcie Jastrow from the Shiba Inu Metaverse team was engaged in a discussion with an important person from Hollywood, Ted Schilowitz, the futurist at Paramount Pictures studio.

The two were having a friendly chat at the SXSW 2023 event that is currently taking place in Austin, Texas, and will continue until Sunday.

The photo was initially shared by Twitter user @scorchia_moon, who is a member of the SHIB dev team. He commented on it, saying “probably nothing.” His tweet was shared by Shytoshi Kusama, who commented “probably nothing, probably everything.”

Here’s why this meeting might be important

Schilowitz’s job as a futurist at Paramount studio is to try and foresee the future of the entertainment/movie industry. He is to watch out for new technologies that change the way video content is made and consumed by viewers. This includes various spheres, including virtual reality. This is where Shiba Inu may come in handy, with its metaverse project that is being developed now.

There are already rumors and allegations on Twitter hinting that Jastrow and Schilowitz just might be talking about a potential collaboration and use of SHIB Metaverse in movies.

It looks like Shytoshi Kusama also sees high potential here, judging by his comment on the photo of Jastrow and Schilowitz.

Shibarium beta may take just a few months

A prominent member of the SHIB army known as Lucie shared an explanation from Shytoshi Kusama regarding how much time the developer team may need to finish the beta testing of Shibarium.

She shared a message from Kusama, who answered this question, apparently a very popular one. The lead developer stated that during beta, the team will be busy creating systems and hunting for bugs. This may take several months, according to him, from two to four by his rough estimation.

Lucie is keeping her fingers crossed so that developers finish beta testing by the end of April, but it may take longer.

As a reminder, Shibarium beta was released on Saturday as a test blockchain called PuppyNet.

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