The Samsung 65QN95C is an incredibly bright, feature-packed 4K TV with everything that gamers and binge-watchers will love. This new for 2023 model is part of the Neo QLED lineup and available in an array of sizes to fit your room.

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We tested the 65-inch version and were blown away by the bright and colorful images as well as the incredible black performance for a non-OLED TV. It’s a perfect match for a PS5 or Xbox Series X with full support for advanced console features. The built-in speakers are way ahead of the performance you’ll find on most TVs.

It is worth noting that there is no Dolby Vision Support, and by default the motion settings give a very soap opera-like effect, but changing a few settings fixes this quickly.

The Samsung QN95C is available in three sizes. The 65-inch version we tested retails for $3,299.99, the 75-inch model is $4,199.99 and the 85-inch set is $5,799.99.

Display and Performance

Samsung 65QN95C review
The Samsung 65QN95C display delivers beautiful colors and is great for gaming and entertainment.
Josh Smith

The Samsung QN95C models are at the top of the class for LCD TVs. The overall performance is great, but the standout black levels and bright colors really stand out. While watching a movie at night, in a dark room, the blacks on the TV fade away, blending into the dark room, while explosions pop out for an immersive viewing experience.

The performance upgrades come from the improved dimming, 14-bit processing and a new auto HDR remastering feature.

This is a 4K TV, which is excellent for watching 4K movies and shows, gaming in 4K at 120Hz and also for watching upscaled content. Many of our favorite shows are not available in 4K and don’t include HDR support, and this set upscales and makes this older content look like it is HDR. Samsung supports HDR10+ and HLG formats for HDR.

Samsung TV Review Game Bar
The Game Bar automatically launches when you switch to a gaming device and shows important information and options.
Josh Smith

We were able to test the gaming features of the Samsung 65QN95C with the PlayStation 5 attached. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II performed great on this TV, allowing us to experience fast refresh rates of 120Hz at 4K resolution. The colors popped on the screen, making it easier to see enemies even in some of the more bland maps.

The Game Bar feature shows the current display status and confirms that Game Mode is active, something that happens automatically with modern consoles. It’s an easy way to confirm the settings are correct or to adjust. One feature that may give you an edge online or help you navigate offline is Minimap Zoom, which magnifies the in-game minimap to a larger part of the screen. It’s handy for seeing enemy positions or keeping track of a map as you explore.

Samsung 65QN95C review
Tap into gaming apps and connected devices.
Josh Smith

Samsung’s Smart TV software includes a Gaming Hub that includes apps for Xbox Game Pass, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Luna and other apps. This allows you to game directly on the TV, connecting a controller without needing a console.

Action movies like the John Wick series look great in native 4K with great blacks and good performance to handle brilliant colorful explosions backed against a black background. The fade to black is near OLED level and one of the most impressive aspects of this TV. Television shows and older movies upscale marvelously, making it a pleasure to stream your favorites without feeling like you’re watching in early 2010’s quality.

Samsung 65QN95C review
This TV is a great companion for the PS5.
Josh Smith

The TV handles reflection well, though overhead lighting or lamps do make an appearance depending on the angle you are watching from. The viewing angles are very good, allowing you to sit off-center and still enjoy the picture quality.

You need a soundbar to enjoy most modern TVs, but Samsung delivers loud, clear sound from the Samsung 65QN95C. Dialogue is clear and easy to hear, even in busy scenes with background noise or action. If you want a more immersive option, pair this TV with select Samsung soundbars using the Q Symphony 3.0 feature to combine the internal speakers with the soundbar.


Samsung QN95C design
The Samsung QN95C design is modern and sleek.

This is a very thin TV with slim bezels and a modern design. It doesn’t fade into your wall like a Samsung Frame TV, but it looks nice even when off. We mounted this to the wall, and the design makes it easy to keep the TV close to the wall for a minimal look.

One big change from previous models is that all the inputs are built into the TV and not run through the Samsung One Connect box. This simplified our setup, but it will mean that you need to cable manage more wires if you mount this to the wall.

The stand that comes with the TV is a center pedestal mount with a clean line that provides plenty of room to place a soundbar below.

Smart TV

Samsung 65QN95C review
The software on this TV is responsive and includes access to many entertainment and gaming apps.
Josh Smith

The smart TV interface is similar to last year’s, offering up quick access to a wide range of apps. Many users could use the built-in smart TV software to handle their streaming needs unless there is a special app for your cable company or niche service. The interface is relatively easy to use and organizes content into three main areas; Ambient, Gaming and Entertainment.

The Ambient section brings some of the features you might expect on The Frame TV: art, scenes with subtle motion, support for NFTs and more. It is a really cool way to either highlight the TV without playing a show or to help it blend into the wall.

You’ll find quick access to connected consoles and gaming apps in the gaming section. Lastly, Entertainment includes live-streaming TV and popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, HBO Max, YouTube and many others. The TV supports Apple AirPlay 2 for wireless streaming and mirroring from Android.

Is the Samsung 65QN95C Worth Buying?

Samsung 65QN95C review
Display art and more on the screen when you are not watching.
Josh Smith

The Samsung QN95C is one of the best TVs you can buy, delivering near OLED black levels and great performance while gaming or streaming. The smart TV software is responsive and easy to use with broad app support. The above-average sound means you can get away without a soundbar in smaller rooms or tap into the TV’s speakers if you opt for a compatible Samsung soundbar. The Ambient display mode is really great feature that enhances the value of this set and makes it fit into your home decor.

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