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Godfrey Benjamin

Flare Network expanding its ecosystem and bringing ERP solution to Web 3.0

Flare Network (FLR), a Ripple-linked blockchain protocol, is not sitting on its laurels as it has continued to introduce new products and innovations to serve its growing community. In its latest announcement, Flare said it has partnered with Rationarium, an enterprise software provider, to implement a full-stack ERP solution for Web 3.0.

The Flare and Rationarium teams have been working together for a while, according to the latter’s CEO Amaan Jalwa. The full-stack ERP solution is designed to aid in easy and transparent administration of the grants process. Besides grant management, Flare said the new solution will also be useful in accounting and finance, tax, HR, expense management and payroll — consolidating off- and on-chain transactions into a single unified ledger.

The primary innovation behind blockchain technology is to introduce trustless handling of operations and beating down costs. While most solution providers today are based on decentralized finance (DeFi) innovations, Flare is expanding what is generally possible with blockchain.

The protocol has maintained a positive stance as a major innovator since it launched on the mainnet. While the ERP tool is one of its latest, it has also floated an API Portal in conjunction with Google Cloud Marketplace.

Flare (FLR): Obvious beneficiary?

At the center of its broad ecosystem expansion is its native token, FLR. Flare was quick to hit it off with investors and traders in the industry as the protocol airdropped a significant amount of the token to XRP holders when it launched.

With the diversity in the distribution of the FLR, the token has been recording impressive price actions since its distribution. At the time of writing, the token is up by 1.89% over the past 24 hours and is changing hands at $0.02789.

The token is a high flier, with very high growth potential, and the latest innovations account for the ways Flare is helping to cement its relevance.

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