Even if she didn’t specifically choose that episode to direct, her familiarity with the material and her connection to Kim helped elevate it. However, since it was her first time directing an episode of television (Seehorn co-created and directed short episodes of a webseries called “Cooper’s Bar” in 2022), she had some assistance by her side to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible.

“Peter Gould and everyone else on the show set up an infrastructure to make it possible for me to do this and to set me up for success,” she explained. “We also had some locations thing to solve. We would also shoot out of sequence, which meant I would direct for two days and then have two days off. They really set up a system where I could take care of technical things.”

This sounds like a system we can absolutely get behind, especially if it means we get to see more exciting directorial voices. The scheduling approach AMC set up for Seehorn arguably resulted in one of the best episodes of its final season, and that’s saying a lot. If this can be expanded so that fresh yet underutilized directors can make their big break, we can only imagine how the wider television landscape will improve.