At the time, the Martha Stewart Living icon told E! News that Pete and Kim made an “an unlikely pairing and much, much more unlikely than my steak tartare and Ruffles potato chips.” She also said, “They’re cute together. They seem to have a nice affection for one another, which is so nice.”

The following August, Pete and Kim broke up, after which fans circulated a meme that suggested the actor, also known for other past high-profile romances with stars such as ex-fiancé Ariana Grande, Bridgerton‘s Phoebe Dynevor and Kate Beckinsale, would date Martha next. She then told the Daily Mail, “Pete Davidson is like the son I never had. He is a charming boy who is finding his way.”

In October 2022, Martha spoke about Pete’s love life on The Drew Barrymore Show. “He’s dated so many women,” she said. “I’m not saying that’s bad. I think that’s good. He’s sort of cute. I know everybody loves him.”

Pete himself recently spoke about the growing mass interest in his dating life. “I’m in my 20s and I’ve dated people and for some reason, that’s very crazy and interesting to people,” he said on the March 30 episode of the Real Ones With Jon Berthnal podcast. “I don’t think it’s interesting.”

He continued, “In 10 years, I’ve dated 12 people,” he explained. “I don’t think that’s that crazy, but to some people, that’s very interesting. That became all anyone would talk about.”

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