Paul lets out an alarming scream as The Blob leaps downward like a veiny blanket. Meg hears from the waiting room and rushes to check on America’s sweetheart. To her immediate horror, she finds Paul trapped within The Blob’s enveloping grasp like the biggest wad of Big League Chew wrapped around a shrieking soul.

Paul’s arm is outreach as his muffled howls of pain are no louder than squishy sound effects as The Blob slithers all over Paul. His face can be seen through the thinnest patch of goop; his features pull back like a champion weightlifter is tugging on his scalp. His skin is melting away as The Blob stretches flesh and tissue back to try and expose his skeleton. Paul is royally ‘effed, and we can do nothing but watch.

Meg attempts a last-ditch rescue, tugging on the arm reaching for salvation. Meg yanks and pulls, but instead of getting Paul out of his gloopy-doomy cocoon, she only saves the exposed appendage. Translation? She falls back as the arm is separated from Paul, as The Blob feasts on Paul’s biology while his severed arm sits on the ground, blood still sizzling because of The Blob’s deadly composition.

One final shot of Paul turns him into the Scream painting as his human form caves inward on itself under The Blob’s constriction. It’s like watching your stomach acid digest whatever was on the menu for lunch should your stomach have a glass viewing window — but way, WAY creepier.