Since Indiana Jones is the star of each of his adventures, it should come as no surprise that there are several different variations of the iconic character played by Harrison Ford. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” gives us three different regular Funko POP looks, one where Indy is wearing his signature leather jacket, another where he apparently doesn’t need it, and one giving us the handsome professor look for Dr. Jones.

Finally, there will be a Die-Cast POP giving fans another “Raiders of the Lost Ark” version of Indiana Jones, this time holding the Fertility Idol. These Die-Cast POPs come in a transparent acrylic case with foil details and etching, but at $49.99, it’ll cost you a bit more than your average Funko POP.

Fans of “Temple of Doom” also get a couple of variations. First, there’s a Hot Topic exclusive Indy wielding both his whip and a sword while looking like he’s taken a few hits. And then there’s the Walmart exclusive Funko POP with Indy suited up in his white dinner jacket, including a little antidote vial.