“I was alone, without Daryl or Riley, and I wasn’t sure if my baby could even breathe,” she wrote. “Would he be okay? Would Daryl be okay, up there on his own with this crisis? The drugs and the stress made it seem like everything was happening in slow motion.”

And while the doctor did try to lighten the mood by cracking a few jokes, Meghan said she “couldn’t laugh.”

“I tried to get myself to take a nap to make the time pass faster,” she remembered, “but I knew where I was and the reality I was facing, and it was too scary to fall asleep.”

Fortunately, Meghan was able to FaceTime Daryl and Riley in the NICU once she was taken into a recovery room. There, Meghan wrote, “I cried when I saw all the tubes and cords connected to him. He felt so far away. But I was also distracted by his beauty and by the fact that he was a real person out in the world. I couldn’t wait to hold him, rock him, nurse him, kiss him.”