If you have a pet, you’ll be used to the odd bit of misbehavior—but one dog’s actions the moment his owner turned his back has left the internet in stitches.

The moment Roscoe the dog jumped onto the kitchen counter was captured on camera and has since been viewed over 1.6 million times on TikTok.

“Can’t turn my back for 5 seconds,” joked Tiktoker raziwl_lw in the caption of the video.

Dog looking for food
A file photo of a crossbreed dog looking for food on a counter. In a TikTok clip, Roscoe the dog could not resist jumping on the counter after seeing two cats enjoying their food.
Elayne Massaini/Getty Images

With two cats eating their food up high, Roscoe the dog quickly gathered interest and made his move to join them, leaping onto the kitchen counter.

Zoe Willingham, a dog behaviorist based in Suffolk, U.K, told Newsweek that even well-trained dogs will sometimes misbehave: “A trained dog will generally do what they have been trained to do because they have a big reward history with training rather than misbehave—but if the reward is greater to misbehave they may chose that.”

In this case, Roscoe clearly decided that the “don’t jump on the counter” rule clearly paled in comparison to the treat of cat food. And TikTok users didn’t blame him.

“Roscoe suffers from FOMO,” joked one commenter referencing the “fear of missing out” the canine could be feeling watching the cats eat.

Another joked: “He’s like ohh this is what we’re doing, okay guys just gimmie a sec.”

“He was so graceful about it,” said another reply.

When it comes to food, it is not unfamiliar to see dogs struggle to control themselves, from stealing chicken nuggets to getting hold of a breakfast treat.

When it comes to helping your dog control its impulses around food, Willingham explained there are things you can do.

“Generally to have a harmonious home it’s a good idea to train your dog to have good impulse control and not scavenge. This can even be lifesaving if you dropped something poisonous to the dog,” she explained.

Training your dog to only eat food when given permission can help prevent any food theft and stop your pup from eating something potentially harmful. Alongside this, Willingham recommended a few other helpful dog training essentials.

“A settle behavior is always a useful one as it allows you to ask your dog to go and lay down, and you can remove them from situations they may find stressful or where you need them to behave—like when you are eating a meal,” said the trainer who has 23 dogs of her own.

Finally, she also recommended training your dog positive social greetings. “A good social greeting is another vital behavior to train at home to ensure your dog is friendly but not a nuisance to guests,” said Willingham. “There’s nothing worse than a guest arriving and dogs jumping up at them or frightening them.”

Newsweek has reached out to raziwl_lw for comment.

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