Wes Bentley said he and Kelly Reilly are so used to acting through intense situations together that they’ve learned to check in without saying a word. “Now, we’re able to not even talk about it,” he shared. “It’s just little taps on the back or glances to say, ‘Are you OK?’ And, ‘Go, go, go, you can give it. Let’s go there.'”

While Reilly’s Beth is a fan-favorite character, politician Jamie is treated like the black sheep of the family, and his inability to win their love has driven him to greater and greater lengths over the course of the show’s five seasons.

Off-screen, though, Reilly and Bentley apparently have a set relationship that’s based on “encouraging each other” through those brutal scenes. “She’s very giving off-camera; I hope I am the same for her because the lock is so important,” Bentley told THR.

He described the train station scene as one in which his performance “[gives] some power back that changed that dynamic” between the two, but ultimately noted the scene had a sense of “safety” to it despite the emotional intensity.