It’s unknown how long it’s been since Sally and her mom have seen each other, but Mrs. Reed has no time for hugs and kisses. Instead, she brusquely greets her daughter with a warning to hurry because she double-parked.

They stop at a drive-thru on the way home while Sally reads the news about Barry. As the truth sets in, so does a panic attack, and Sally starts hyperventilating. I can understand not knowing what to say in this situation, but Mrs. Reed doesn’t show a hint of concern for Sally’s wellbeing, only annoyance. The shot lingers, contrasting the panicking Sally in the background while her mom’s annoyance takes up the foreground. Mrs. Reed does brighten up when her fast food order arrives, though.

Sally’s dad (Michael Dempsey) is more affectionate and suggests they watch “Joplin.” Mrs. Reed, wine glass in hand, rolls her eyes at the show and doesn’t grasp how it mixes Sally’s life with fiction. When she learns that Sally used the name of her abusive ex-husband Sam (Joe Massingill) for her character’s abusive ex, she’s aghast — on Sam’s behalf. 

Mrs. Reed even decides to call his family to let them know. When Sally reminds her mom of how Sam throttled her, Mrs. Reed does some victim-blaming 101: “You sure can pick them.” Mrs. Reed’s crimes are admittedly minor on a show with multiple murderers, but her sheer callousness towards her daughter — with nothing else to balance it out — makes her hateable.

In episode 2, “bestest place on the earth,” it turns out Sally didn’t stay in Joplin for long and flew back to L.A. So, I doubt we’ll be seeing more of her mother. Goodbye and good riddance.

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