These are celebrities’ go-to poses on the red carpet:

According to Christine, there are a few core poses that have received the star treatment. In addition to the double teapot pose, many celebrities will keep their arms by their side with one leg staggered. Another celebrity go-to? Christine calls it the “holding the pee” pose, where the legs are crossed.

Which celebrities always nail their red carpet poses:

For inspiration, Christine said that celebrities such as Zendaya, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum know how to serve bawdy and face on the red carpet.

“I love people who aren’t afraid to have fun,” the influencer said. “Blake Lively is phenomenal at red carpet posing. She always focuses on the shape of the dress and it’s clear she enjoys being there. Same with Lady Gaga—she makes it into an experience and performance in itself.”

When it comes to Zendaya, the posing expert explained that she not only embraces what she’s wearing but she turns the red carpet into her personal runway.

“She takes advantage of every single movement,” Christine pointed out. “So, when she’s traveling from one mark to the next, she continues looking at the photographers as she’s walking. It’s about utilizing movement within the red carpet, instead of just focusing on one pose.”