It seems that humans from Earth and magical creatures from the Mushroom Kingdom can now pass back and forth between dimensions, willy-nilly. The film’s climax took place in the street of Brooklyn, with the evil turtle dragon Bowser (Jack Black) battling the Mario Bros. for a magical star. All the talking animals and mutant creatures were there to witness the conflagration. After the fight was settled, everyone was sucked back into their appropriate dimensions. The Mario Bros. themselves elected to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, as they now seemed more at home there. 

The part of the story audiences didn’t see was what it would look like with a Mushroom Kingdom character lost on Earth without a guide. It seems a sequel to “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” would involve an introductory sequence of Yoshi hatching and running amok in Brooklyn before the titular Bros unite to catch it. 

It’s worth noting that the 1995 game “Yoshi’s Island” was a prequel. Yoshi cared for an infant Mario, accidentally dropped on the Island by a clumsy stork. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” did feature a flashback scene to Mario and Luigi as toddlers … will the sequel feature more baby Mario? And if it does, will he be just as annoying as he is in the game? Will there be time travel involved? 

It’s possible. Deep-cut Nintendo nerds might be able to point to the 1993 MS-DOS game “Mario’s Time Machine” as precedent. That game would eventually make its way to the NES and the SNES, and featured Mario traveling through human history, retrieving notable artifacts Bowser — also using a time machine — had stolen. It was an educational game, but if Universal wants to keep us on our toes, then “Mario’s Time Machine” would be the way to go.