At this point, the siblings’ best path forward is together. Unfortunately, Logan has poisoned that too. In highlighting their flaws, he’s made them more insecure. In pitting them against each other, he’s created a distrust that lingers even now.

Shiv feels shut out of the business because Logan was the first to lock the doors on her — so when Roman and Kendall are crowned as his successors, it feels like a blast from her miserable past. Meanwhile, Roman is still plagued by the idea that there’s something wrong with him (trauma from his dad!), and Kendall can’t stop trying to prove himself to someone who refused to be proud of him anyway.

With all of the second-guessing and residual trauma pulling them apart, they’re too distracted to realize that working together really is their best chance at success. They can fill in each other’s blanks and offer support whereas Logan never did. But they’re all too wounded by Logan and deep in their grief to realize that. So instead, they’re falling apart at the seams.

The time for making mistakes is long gone, though. The final season of “Succession” has been following the family on a day-by-day basis, instead of jumping weeks ahead to big events like it used to. The timeline is slowing down, which means every single moment counts. Both the election and the GoJo deal should be settled in a matter of days, putting two crucial pieces of Logan’s legacy on the kids’ plate. And given their state, there’s a good chance that everything he built could be decimated before the season’s out — all because he couldn’t find it in himself to nurture their potential.