However, Nick gets stuck in traffic and he knows he won’t make it on time—so he makes a phone call.

“I love you,” he tells Meredith, who is sitting on the plane. “I fell in love with you the first day I met you. I fell in love with you the second day I met you. And I have loved you for every minute of every day that I have known you.”

Meredith doesn’t know what to say, so she doesn’t say much of anything at all.

“I can’t quite hear you,” she lies. “We’re about to take off, so I’ll call you when we get settled.”

Instead of thinking about Nick, Meredith focuses on herself and leaves the “pick me, choose me, love me” days in the past. As the plane travels to Meredith’s new life in Boston, she recites a passage from Tessa’s book aloud to her kids.

“As long as the sun rises on your life,” she reads, “there will be new dragons to slay. So, the end of my story is not any kind of ever after. Because I’m still alive. I’m still here. And the sun still rises on my life.”

However, as for Meredith’s journey on Grey’s Anatomy, the end has officially come.

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