You can buy yourself flowers. You can hold your own hand. You can love yourself enough to just say “no” to Valentine’s Day.

If you are already so over the cheesy decorations, heart-shaped treats and endless stream of Instagram captions about love, welcome to the very first meeting of the Anti-V-Day club. Listen, we want everyone to love what they love—especially if it’s love!—but we also want people to know it’s okay to just not want to deal with the expectations of what is considered the most romantic day of the year. Which is why we’ve curated the ultimate guide to the movies, TV shows, music and podcasts to spend time with this week. 

Why battle it out for a reservation at an overrated restaurant when you can make an imprint on your couch binge-watching the zombie-infested hit series The Last of Us? And we’ll take Pamela Anderson‘s poetry-filled memoir over an overpriced card. And we have no time for cheap red wine when we can listen to Lemonade for the 1,000th time.