The Screen Rant interviewer Joe Deckelmeier noted that the fight scene on board the Orgosphere was wild, mixing action violence with slapstick comedy. Orgosentries encounter malfunctioning suits and soar through the air. Mantis (Pom Klementieff) uses her hypnosis powers to turn the sentries on each other … or just think they’re cats. Sci-fi laser weapons are fired, and people are flung bodily every which way. Karja, as mentioned, is also thrown through the air. 

To achieve the effect, the filmmakers attached Fillion to a complex system of wires and pulleys, which are common tools in certain kinds of stunt photography. Fillion said that he has always wanted to be wired into a pulley system like that and that it was actually a long-held professional goal of his. Indeed, it seems that Fillion has a list of certain scenes or actions he’s always wanted to do as part of his acting career, and that he’s met other such goals already. The actor said: 

“There’s a list of things I’ve been wanting to do in film and television that I’ve been checking boxes for a very long time. Recently, a few years ago, I got to defuse a bomb. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do on TV. In this picture, I’ve always wanted to fly around on cables. I wanted to fly, and this is my first time flying in a film. Everything I dreamed it would be. Everything, Joe. Everything I dreamed it would be.”

Fillion does mention what else was on his list.