If you know these films, you know the Chargers are Dom’s (Vin Diesel) thing. This one is a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. McCarthy said it was hard to improve on cars like this, and though he’s dealt with different models for years, he said, “they really look great as is.” They haven’t changed that much over the years, but he mentioned a few elements worth highlighting: 

“The grills have gotten narrow, the lights have gotten cooler, the spoiler is a little bit different. Obviously, the wide body for me was a huge design improvement. I love the look of the wide body. So this is kind of the best of the best as far as Dodge Chargers go. The only deviation we made was the Whipple supercharger, which we kind of tried to tie into kind of the Dodge thing of the shaker hood. So it’s like a shaker hood, but with a little more mechanical look to it.

And as always, we always feature the cars as a six-speed, which we’ve built some in the past. This particular one is not. It’s a tremendous amount of work to convert one of these to a six-speed. I’ve requested to Dodge several times, ‘Hey, let’s make a Charger with a six-speed.’ I don’t think I’m ever going to get that wish, but when needed, we build our own. Dodge is always there to support us and give us everything we need to make that happen.

As always, this car does an amazing job. We had about 15 of these cars to pull off this whole sequence. When you see it, saying we go big with the Dodge Charger is an understatement. The car does everything that you can possibly imagine, going upstairs backwards, I mean hitting all sorts of crazy objects that I won’t give away, but you’re going to love it.”