Teaming with friend Helen Christoni, they launched Make Time Wellness, a brand of science-backed supplements for women (their initial rollout includes drink powders for both brain health and prenatal wellness, along with prenatal and multi-vitamins) with a message built right into the name. 

The goal, Christoni explained to E!, is “to really encourage women to make time.” Whether that means putting aside a few moments to assess their brain health, squeezing in a hike or simply checking in with their mental wellness, is up to them.

Though the avid ultramarathoner and mom of two noted that the idea of self-care has largely been reduced to beauty regimens and spa visits, “making time is an action,” she said. “‘How am I going to make time in my day to accomplish what I want to accomplish?’ Health being one piece, whether it’s yoga, calling your best friends, meal prep. It’s really planning to make time so you can be your best self for you and your loved ones. That’s really the essence of a movement.”