As stated in an IOG weekly report, Mithril, a stake-based multi-signature scheme that leverages the existing Cardano network to provide certified snapshots of all or part of the blockchain and improve the speed and efficiency of syncing times for nodes joining the network, might soon launch on the mainnet.

According to the report, the Mithril teams are running the last milestones to make the Mithril beta version available on the mainnet.

A new 2310.0 distribution that activates the era switch mechanism has been launched. The SPO community has fully tested some components of the Mithril system, so a security audit will focus on the more sensitive parts of the system.



Mithril, a major step in scaling Cardano, would boost the efficiency of full-node clients or applications such as Daedalus. The use of Mithril signatures for running sidechains has another important benefit.

Dynamic P2P functionality arrives on Cardano mainnet

Dynamic peer-to-peer (P2P) networking has arrived on the Cardano mainnet as a built-in functionality included in the latest node version 1.35.6.

This marks an important evolution for Cardano and would serve as a further boost to the network’s performance, resilience and decentralization.

Though available on Cardano’s mainnet, the dynamic P2P functionality will be tested over the next few weeks by the Cardano builder IOG, the Cardano Foundation and the SPO community to ensure a smooth rollout.

Also this week, a large update to CIP-1694, which describes Cardano’s future on-chain governance system, was pushed on GitHub.

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