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Alex Dovbnya

The Cardano Foundation has successfully completed the redelegation process for Wallets 9, further implementing its Architects of the Future delegation strategy

The Cardano Foundation recently announced the completion of the redelegation process for Wallets 9, marking over a year since the implementation of its Architects of the Future delegation strategy that was initially unveiled in October 2021.

Back then, the organization shifted its delegation methodology to focus on building the ecosystem and supporting those who create value on the Cardano network. With this change, the delegation strategy now emphasizes stake pool contributions to the community, encouraging the development of open-source solutions and support for the broader ecosystem.

This initiative supports the growth of the Cardano ecosystem by focusing on exceptional contributions made by stake pool operators (SPOs).

In an effort to streamline the process, the application form was simplified by removing various questions while additional data was extracted directly from the blockchain.

In this round, the Cardano Foundation received several valid applications and carefully evaluated each one. They discovered a wide range of contributions that ranged from builder tools to educational content,  Several pools received honorable mentions for their significant contributions to the Cardano community.

The organization identified a selection of applications as valuable contributions through a random draw.

The Foundation plans to open a new application form later this year for the next round of redelegation.

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