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Godfrey Benjamin

Cardano’s development focus might shift into AI space in near future

Charles Hoskinson, founder and chief executive officer of Input Output, the blockchain start-up in charge of the Cardano (ADA) protocol, has hinted at what might be the new focus for the proof of stake (PoS) network. Taking to his official Twitter account, Hoskinson shared a video of YouTuber Vinay Prasad, a medical doctor, on how ChatGPT could revolutionize the world of medicine.

While not much was said by Hoskinson, there is a general notion making the rounds that artificial intelligence (AI), as embodied by ChatBots like ChatGPT, will change the face of every aspect of our lives.

Innovating in the AI space has no bounds, and it will come as no surprise if Charles Hoskinson leads the Cardano team to find common ground with respect to forming functional partnerships with development teams. Additionally, Hoskinson may also be fueling or backing the development of dApps that can leverage the technology underpinning ChatGPT, dubbed Large Language Models (LLMs).

Having made a name and an influence in the crypto and blockchain world, Hoskinson’s diversifying his influence as well as that of the Cardano protocol appears to be his focus. With a flair for scientific innovations that aid human life, the pivot to medicine might be the next step.

Cardano and current AI push

Cardano is a major blockchain network with a growing number of decentralized applications building on it. While ChatGPT and the tech underpinning it is still relatively new, Cardano-affiliated projects like SingularityNET (AGIX) are already paving the way to develop new solutions that can provide real world use cases.

Cardano is well positioned as a technology to harbor any form of innovation underpinning ChatGPT tech. While many of its core functionalities are still being developed, the protocol, its founder and its community are committed to diversity, and with the new clamor for AI integration, we are bound to see many more unique innovations in the near future.

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