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Vladislav Sopov

AirDAO (AMB), high-performance blockchain platform, shares details of its upcoming anniversary airdrop

AirDAO, a decentralized programmable blockchain platform, inches toward its fourth anniversary of operations. To reward its loyal community, the AirDAO team is going to organize the largest airdrop event in its entire history.

AirDAO’s blockchain turns four, 5 million BOND tokens to be airdropped

According to an official statement shared by the team of programmable blockchain-based platform  AirDAO,  the fourth anniversary celebrations of its blockchain has started. The large-scale airdrop of 5 million BOND tokens (or AirBonds) is set to be a key event of this campaign.

The much-anticipated airdrop kicks off on April 16, 2023, at 12 p.m. (UTC) and will last for 10 days. In total, 5 million BOND tokens will be distributed between the participants of the airdrop.

As its key goal is to reward passionate supporters for their contribution over the last four years, AirDAO is going to reveal eligibility criteria to detect the most active enthusiasts of the protocol. AirDAO will disclose five criteria throughout the distribution period; one criterion will be announced to the community every two days.

At the same time, on-chain activity will be the most valuable criterion. First of all, in order to be enlisted for the airdrop, AirDAO supporters need to hold at least 1,000 AMB tokens (which is equal to about $14) in a self-hosted wallet.

AirDAO’s AMB tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC) and U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) on 11 centralized exchanges, including heavyweights Binance (BNB) and KuCoin. Also, on KuCoin and HitBTC, AMB is available in pairs with Ethereum (ETH).

Introducing AirBond Marketplace, new-gen DeFi ecosystem

Successful participants of the anniversary airdrop will be able to get BOND tokens, which are the core assets of the upcoming AirBond Marketplace. Technically, BOND tokens mirror AMB assets, which will be vested and made exchangeable for AMB once the public beta of the AirBond Marketplace goes live.

While the exact date of its release is yet to be announced, the AirDAO team ensures that the public beta iteration of the marketplace will go live soon after the airdrop ends. .

AirBond Marketplace is set to be a new-gen experience for all Web3 economics enthusiasts. All its users will be able to bond either their AMB or so-called AMB liquidity tokens to get assets issued by projects that will partner with AirDAO. The tokens of these cryptocurrency projects will go live as assets on the AirDAO protocol.

As such, with BOND tokens, the airdrop winners will be able to experiment with eccentric crypto economics venues and benefit from all future integrations of AirDAO and its associated products.

AirDAO, user-friendly blockchain platform with ultra-fast transactions and low fees

AirDAO is a Layer 1 blockchain with smart contracts that went live in April 2019 amid the 2018-2020 Crypto Winter. The project is powered by its high-performance blockchain network and has a long term goal of becoming 100% community-governed.

Technically, AirDAO is an ecosystem of intuitive, scalable and newbie-friendly decentralized applications (dApps). For instance, its community can trade assets on FirepotSwap, AirDAO’s native decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

In order to contribute to AirDAO decentralization and to protect its integrity, holders of AMB can stake their tokens. The minimum threshold for staking is 1,000 AMB; rewards are distributed every six hours. There is no vesting: Users can unstake their tokens at any moment. Also, AMB staking requires zero technical and blockchain skills.

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